Microsoft announces 15 GB free OneDrive storage, lower prices on monthly storage

Microsoft on Monday announced that it is bolstering its OneDrive storage plans for both free and paid users. OneDrive will now include 15 GB of free storage, more than double the previous 7 GB limit, and all versions of Office 365 will come with 1 TB of storage. Microsoft previously rolled out 1 TB of cloud storage for business customers in April.

The Redmond-based company also announced that it is taking over 70% off the cost of its monthly subscription storage options, dropping its 100 GB tier to $1.99 per month (previously $7.49) and 200 GB tier to $3.99 (previously $11.49). The aggressive new pricing tiers makes OneDrive a much more competitive offering alongside iCloud, Google Drive and Dropbox…

Microsoft relaunches SkyDrive as OneDrive, adds referral bonus storage

Microsoft announced a few weeks ago that it would be changing the name of its SkyDrive cloud service to OneDrive, and this morning the full rebrand went into effect. This doesn't mean much, as existing apps will continue to work with the service.

In fact, the iOS app has already been rebranded, and it looks like Windows, Mac and Android apps will be updated today with the new name. But there are a few changes being made that are worth noting, like the new Dropbbox-like referral bonuses...

Microsoft’s SkyDrive is now OneDrive

Microsoft's multi-platform cloud storage service SkyDrive has just been rechristened and shall be known henceforth as OneDrive. The rebranding comes following last June's ruling in a trademark case involving Microsoft and British TV broadcaster BSkyB.

As the television broadcaster trademarked the term 'Sky,' the court ordered that Microsoft concede the 'SkyDrive' trademark to BSkyB.

One of the largest pay-TV providers in Europe, BSkyB offers video streaming and has its own online storage service called Sky Store & Share...

Microsoft’s SkyDrive app redesigned for iOS 7

Continuing with today's line of app updates, Microsoft has posted a new version of its SkyDrive client for the iPhone and iPad. The update brings the app to version 4.0, and includes a handful of improvements and an all new design for iOS 7.

The client itself allows you to upload photos, videos and other files to Microsoft's cloud service. And today's release adds Camera Backup for automatic media uploads, improved integration with Office Mobile for iPhone and OneNote, and more...

Microsoft lures iCloud users with 15GB free SkyDrive storage upgrade

Oh Microsoft, you're so cunning. Taking advantage of the impending iCloud storage downgrade, the Windows maker has tweeted out a tempting offer meant to promote its SkyDrive cloud storage service whilst luring customers away from Apple's iCloud.

If you are a former MobileMe member and have received an email from Apple announcing your complimentary iCloud storage is expiring soon, just forward it to to claim your fifteen gigabytes of SkyDrive storage, free for a year.

You should take advantage of the promo because Microsoft otherwise sells an additional twenty gigabytes of SkyDrive storage for ten bucks a year so that's nearly ten bucks saved right off the bat...

Microsoft releases SkyDrive Pro iOS app for Office 365 subscribers

Windows maker Microsoft today released a new iOS app focused on its SkyDrive storage, which is deeply integrated throughout its Windows 8 and Windows Phone offerings. Although the company already has a nice SkyDrive app on the App Store which gives you quick access to  25GB of free cloud storage in the Microsoft cloud for your personal files, this one's different in that it requires SharePoint or Office365 credentials and is meant for businesses subscribed to Office 365 ...

Major SkyDrive update: revamped UI, full-res photos, iPhone 5 and iPad mini support

There's a good reason why Microsoft's SkyDrive cloud storage client for iOS has seen its last update in June of last year: revenue sharing. Per Apple's rules, third-party software is required to share 30 percent of proceeds from in-app sales with Apple.

For example, when you fire up Dropbox's excellent iOS client and upgrade to a paid storage tier within the app, your iTunes credit card on file gets charged and Apple earns its 30 percent share.

Though Microsoft wanted to introduce that same functionality into the SkyDrive app, it wouldn't share any revenue with Apple. Neither party would budge and a spokesperson previously said Microsoft was "in contact with Apple regarding the matter."

The two parties have supposedly reached an amicable solution because Microsoft today announced SkyDrive 3.0, a major new version rocking an overhauled interface, support for the iPhone 5 and iPad mini and a few other features...

Cloud storage price comparison: iCloud vs. SkyDrive vs. Dropbox vs. SugarSync

Microsoft yesterday updated its iOS SkyDrive client and released a brand new app for both Windows and Mac desktops while putting into effect paid storage upgrades.

At the same time, Dropbox released an updated iOS client with new sharing capabilities and Google upped Google Docs storage to 5 GB.

iDownloadBlog thought you might be interested to check out how major cloud storage services fare in terms of value so we've put together a handy comparison matrix providing an at-a-glance overview of paid tiers available from iCloud, Dropbox, SkyDrive and SugarSync...