AT&T expands 4G LTE coverage

ATT LTE coverage map 2013043

Despite falling behind rival Verizon Wireless in terms of the deployment of the fourth-generation Long-Term Evolution (LTE) cellular radio technology, AT&T’s LTE is still the fastest and most reliable.

As for coverage, the nation’s second-largest telco a week ago flipped the switch on LTE in ten new markets. This was just a week after the company had added seven new cities to the list of LTE-supported markets.

Looks like those weekly updates are becoming a thing for the telco as it announces expanded LTE coverage is now available in Washington, D.C. and San Francisco, with six new markets now LTE-friendly…

The new (and enhanced) LTE markets are as follows:

• Stockton, California
• Mt. Sterling, Kentucky
• Topeka and Laredo, Kansas
• Zanesville, Ohio
• Coeur DElene, Idaho
• Fort Collins, Colorado
• Vicksburg and Greenville Mississippi
• Medford, Oregon
• Kirksville, Missouri
• Charlottesville, Virginia
• Portsmouth, New Hampshire

In ideal conditions that only exist in labs, LTE offers ten times greater download speeds than the latest 3G HSPA technology. Perhaps more importantly, LTE features lower network latency so your device gets online noticeably faster when woken from sleep, typically becoming ready within a second or less.

With 3G, I typically have to wait 2-3 seconds, often even more, before I can access the web as 3G radios take longer to initialize.