Apple rejects Send Me To Heaven game over smartphone recklessness

Send Me To Heaven disclaimer

In today’s app rejection news, Apple has shown the door to a free game called Send Me To Heaven by Carrot Pop as it promotes smartphone recklessness. The game taps the iPhone’s accelerometer sensor to track how high it flies when thrown up in the air.

Apple’s App Store review team rejected the software on the basis of “encouraging behavior that could result in damage to the user’s device,” in spite of an appropriate disclaimer showing up prominently upon launching the app. Indeed, what was Carrot Pop thinking?

“Throw your phone as high as you can,” the game’s tagline tempts players.

Check out the promo (via Kotaku).

Apple was right to take issue with this crapware, it’s such a stupid idea anyway.

Is it any surprise then that Carrot Pop published Send Me To Heaven on Google’s unregulated Play Store? Perhaps the company figured owners of Android devices won’t blame Google should they eventually shatter their inexpensive handset as a result of playing this “game”?

Good thing us Apple users pay Tim Cook & Co. to make these kinds of choices on our behalf and keep such nonsensical and downright dangerous software away from the App Store.

Trust me, there would have already been a class-action lawsuit if Apple had only allowed Send Me To Heaven into the App Store.

If it were available on the App Store, would you tempt your fate?