Rovio’s game-syncing ‘Account’ now available worldwide on iOS


Back in May, Rovio began rolling out ‘Account,’ a cloud-based service that allows users to save their progress in games across various devices. And today, the Finnish game-maker announced that it’s now available to all iOS and Android users worldwide.

As before, Accounts is currently only available for gamers of the Croods and the original Angry Birds title, but the company says that it is intent on expanding it to other Angry Birds and non Angry Birds titles soon. More on the announcement after the fold…

From Rovio’s blog:

“We’ve been gradually rolling out Rovio Account over the past couple of months, listening to feedback and ensuring a seamless sync experience for all of our fans.

Today we’re thrilled to announce that Rovio Account is now globally available on iOS and Android devices!

We know that you’ve all been waiting for a way to sync progress between devices and we really feel that we have an amazing solution in place now.”

Even if you’re just a casual player of Angry Birds, or one of Rovio’s other titles, registering with Account is a no-brainer. It would allow you to save your progress on games and play across multiple devices from the same level—no more having to replay levels.

Rovio Account (The Croods)

And, as we mentioned back in May, users are able to merge their on-device game progress with Rovio Account game progress. Logging in on a device for the first time will offer you the chance to add scores, stars and feathers from your device to your Account.

It’ll be interesting to see what Rovio does with its new cloud-based sync service. As noted by The Next Web, it could serve as a channel to market the studio’s other games—which have not garnered the same success as its wildly popular Angry Birds franchise.

If you’d like to register with Account, you can do so within the original Angry Birds or The Croods games.