Alien Blue for iPad 2.2 brings Reddit to the Apple TV

alien blue 22 1

Reddit, for those who aren’t familiar with the social news and entertainment site, is an interesting place. You can find almost anything there—GIFs, photos, videos, you name it. In fact, most of the viral stuff you see online probably started here.

There are many apps available for browsing the site on your iPhone or iPad, but what about the Apple TV? Don’t you wish sometimes that you could watch that funny video or GIF on the big screen? Well, now you can with Alien Blue for iPad 2.2…

Morrissey Exchange has posted a significant update for its popular iPad Reddit client Alien Blue this morning, bringing the app to version 2.2. The update brings about a number of new features including an all new Canvas with Apple TV support.

There are too many changes to list them all, so here are the more important ones:

– Brand new Canvas/Image galleries
– Optimal Album view
– Canvas support for GIFs and Videos
– Slideshow with Autoplay (also supports GIFs & Videos)
– Canvas now supports TV-Out/Apple TV and takes full advantage of your TV’s viewing area
– Support for Canvas inside comment threads
– Clipboard detection for Reddit links

– Ability to view high-resolution images on older devices
– Ability to view large GIFs in optimal mode
– YouTube videos now load with zero clutter and play automatically
– Improved stability for albums with multiple GIFs
– Improved performance and memory handling for YouTube playback
– Canvas now supports top/new/controversial sorting
– Canvas now supports searching
– Canvas images will require a tap to protect from spoilers

As aforementioned, the new TV-out support is the highlight of this update (for me at least). If you have an Apple TV, you can just enable AirPlay mirroring on your compatible iPad, pick a subreddit and sit back while Alien Blue auto-plays all media.

alien blue 22 2

I was able to try this feature out briefly this morning, and I found it to work as advertised, with minimal lag. This is a great addition, and overall a solid update, to an already great app—one that I think is the best Reddit client for the iPad, hands down.

The update is free to folks who already own Alien Blue for iPad, otherwise you can find it in the App Store for $3.99.