Video claims to show off iOS 7 running on iPad

iOS 7 running on iPads (Apple web site teaser 001)

A video is making rounds on the web claiming to depict iOS 7 running on an iPad. iDB was recently tipped of its existence and although we couldn’t verify its authenticity, we’ve decided to post it for the sake of discussion. The clip runs one minute and 32 seconds long and looks genuine, showcasing what running the iOS 7 user interface and stock apps on a bigger canvas looks like (at least in the early stage of development).

We’re unsure whether YouTube user Rozetked who posted video evidence has managed to hack iOS 7 to run on the device or if he got hold of an actual iPad build of the software. We’ll let you be the judge, the clip is right after the break…

Check it out on YouTube or embedded right below and chime in with your observations down in the comments.

I’m not sure what to make of it – these things are usually easily doctored.

I’m not a pro video editor, but there don’t seem to be any noticeable editing artifacts. The Control Center conspicuously lacks the flashlight toggle, for example.

The user interface appears to match with up both the iOS 7 iPad home screen on Apple’s web site and screenshots created from the iPad emulator running in Xcode.

At any rate, I wouldn’t hold my hopes up too high. If the clip is legitimate, keep in mind this supposed iOS 7 build will undergo several major revisions before it’s ready for prime time come this Fall.

There’s a good reason why Apple hasn’t provided its registered developers with a pre-release build of iOS 7 for iPad. Obviously the company wasn’t confident that the software is good enough to warrant even the beta label.