Twitter launches #FollowMe highlight reel

Twitter FollowMe (teaser 001)

The micro-blogging service Twitter has announced an interesting new thingie in partnership with Vizify, called #FollowMe. For those unfamiliar with Vizify, it’s a nifty little service which plugs in your favorite social media sites to design a series of interactive infographics that shows “the best of you”.

Tapping that capability, #FollowMe lets you create highlight reel videos of your best Twitter moments, with literally little to no effort whatsoever. Go past the fold for the full breakdown…

Creating your own highlight reel couldn’t be simpler.

Just visit and log in using your Twitter or other social media credentials. Then follow this link, click the Get Started button and grant Vizify access to your Twitter account.

That’s pretty much all there’s to it.

Vizify (Twitter FollowMe teaser)

Vizify then analyzes your Twitter account and automagically picks your most popular tweets and media (including Vine clips), most engaged followers, best topics, top mentions, tweeting times summary and so forth.

This data then gets turned into a living, animated portrait of your best Twitter moments.

Here, a #FollowMe insight into my tweeting habits.

Should you choose so, you can edit the presentation by manually highlighting specific media, tweet topics, Vine clips, followers or tweeting times.

Also, you can choose a different tune or add more scenes by picking individual tweets or photos you tweeted out, Twitter explains.

As for Vizify itself, it’s promising.

Having been a fan for quite some time, I urge you to check out this service. Put simply, Vizify has the smarts to compile an accurate outlook of you on the web. The more data sources you provide, the more comprehensive (and interesting) profile of you Vizify is capable of creating.

Here’s yours truly on Vizify.

Vizify (Christian Zibreg profile)

Keep in mind that I didn’t have to do anything to get this interactive chart.

Upon connecting your social media sources, Vizify analyzes data LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and the likes have on you in order to figure out who you are on the web, what you do for a living, with whom you associate and so forth.

It’s like having an interactive business card of your online personality, one which updates itself on a regular basis as you post stuff on the web.