Luna is an upcoming tweak that lends greater control over Do Not Disturb


Looking for a way to maximize the iPhone’s built-in Do Not Disturb functionality? You may choose to look in Cydia for some of the already existing tweaks, or you may decide to hold out for this upcoming collaboration between Ryan Petrich and Sentry.

Yes, Petrich needs no introduction, he’s a prolific developer that’s created some amazing things for jailbroken devices. Sentry, too, is very well-known for his design concepts and meticulous attention to detail. Luna is based off of Sentry’s concepts, which can be seen after the break.

So what does a collaboration between these two look like? Better yet, will you find it to be useful? Look inside for a quick preview of their upcoming tweak called Luna.

iOS DND Concept for Alerts

iOS Do Not Disturb Concept

Luna is essentially a way to enable Do Not Disturb using a simple swipe down gesture. This gesture can be done from the Lock screen, as well as from Notification Center.

The tweak contains some additional functionality that’s really cool — think notifications. I won’t spoil it all here, but be rest assured that we’ll have a full breakdown of the tweak when it drops. Look for it to hit Cydia in the very near future.