15 interesting points from today’s earnings call

Apple Store Side logo San Francisco

Apple just announced its earnings for its first quarter of 2013, second fiscal quarter, and despite all of the lead-in ‘doom’ talk, the numbers are actually very impressive. The company beat Wall Street projections in nearly every metric.

We’re just finishing up the conference call, where Tim Cook and company have made several announcements and dropped a number of impressive statistics. And as usual, we’ve rounded up the 15 most interesting points for you…

  • Apple now has $145 billion in cash
  • 300 million people using iCloud. Great new features and capabilities in the pipeline.
  • Record $4.1 billion in revenue from software/services division
  • 5.6 million iPods sold last quarter, share of US market of MP3 players was more than 70% of market.
  • Cumulative unique app downloads passed the 45 billion mark
  • Apple has paid out over $9 billion to developers thus far
  • IDC says iPhone is number 1 or 2 in smartphone sales in half the countries IDC tracks.
  • Seeing 95% loyalty rate among iPhone owners, “substantially higher” than the competition.
  • 19.5 million iPads sold last quarter versus 11.8 million year-over-year
  • Tim Cook mentions “Potential of exciting new product categories.”
  • Cook also says “amazing new hardware, software and services coming this fall and throughout 2014.”
  • Music stores in 119 countries, movies in 109 countries, iBookstore in 155 countries. App Store in 155 countries
  • There’s now more than 850,000 apps in the App Store, 350,000 iPad-specific.
  • Apple has 402 retail stores, including 151 outside the US.
  • Average revenue per store is $13.1 million per week, and average 78,000 weekly visitors.

The gist of the call is that Apple had a solid Q2 is seeing strong growth in iPad sales, and its ecosystem. Initially, the company’s stock was up several points in after hours trading, but it has since fall back down due to Cook’s comments.

It sounds—again, going strictly off of Cook’s comments on the conference call—like Apple will not be releasing any new products until the fall of this year. Perhaps the company is going for another ‘all-at-once’ product release again this year.