Facebook updates iOS SDK with native Share Dialog

Facebook SDK 3.5 (native sharing)

The social networking giant Facebook yesterday at the Mobile Developer Conference in New York City updated its software development kit (SDK) for iOS developers with a new native Share Dialog that also supports photos, akin to the iOS 6 Share Sheet feature.

It lets iOS programmers write apps which enable users to share content to Facebook without leaving the app. Previously, sharing to Facebook in non-Facebook apps used to bring up a web page.

Facebook also rebuilt the Login Dialogs across mobile and web claiming a 20 percent speed increase and introduced other changes to the SDK…

The new Login Dialogs is a backend update so all mobile and non-game web apps automatically get these features with no code changes required.

Facebook noted in a blog post that the new native Share Dialog is simple to integrate, with just a few lines of code required.

It “significantly improves” people’s sharing experiences in native non-Facebook apps that choose to implement it.

It has built-in support for publishing Open Graph actions. In addition, people now have the option to share activity from apps through this dialog without needing to login to Facebook first.

This makes it faster and easier for people to share.

The Share Dialog, which can be seen on the top right screenshot, will be also coming to Android at a later stage, the social networking company confirmed.

Here are the improved data and publishing permission dialogs.

Facebook SDK 3.5 (data and publishing permission dialog)

Apps can now ask for the publishing permission via this optional dialog. And in another move to improve privacy transparency, Facebook is now asking developers to request data and publishing permissions in their apps separately.

Other changes in the Facebook SDK 3.5 for iOS include easier implementation of Open Graph on mobile, an improved experience with Facebook Login and a brand new Object API/Object Browser.

The iOS 6 Share Sheet is available in beta today.