How to perfectly mesh your Auxo installation with ayecon

ayecon Auxo Theme Featured

Ayecon is by far the most popular jailbreak theme that we’ve seen in quite some time, and its popularity doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Auxo, like ayecon, is insanely popular in its own right. But how do you get the pair to play nice together? It’s actually really simple — you download the official ayecon theme for Auxo, that’s how.

ayecon Auxo Theme is a free WinterBoard theme, and it comes directly from the creator of ayecon — Surenix. That means you can expect it to be a 1:1 match with the rest of the ayecon theme from a visual perspective.

ayecon Auxo Theme
Before, and after ayecon Auxo Theme

ayecon Auxo Theme makes the toggles found in Auxo match the style that you find in the full ayecon WinterBoard theme. You’ll immediately notice the border effect that has become ayecon’s visual stamp.

Just like the full ayecon theme, ayecon Auxo Theme can be downloaded from Cydia and enabled via WinterBoard. ayecon Auxo Theme is a free download from Cydia’s BigBoss repo, even if you haven’t yet purchased the full ayecon theme. But let’s not be silly, you did already purchase ayecon, didn’t you? I mean, it’s just that cool that a purchase should go without saying.