Google Drive update adds landscape editing on iPhone

Google drive 1.3 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001, ladnscape doc editing)

Google continues to refine its Drive cloud storage client on Apple’s iOS platform. Just last month, the Internet giant has rolled out support for pinch-to-zoom on slides, QuickOffice integration and, multiple media uploads, to name a few. And previously, the software has added such handy capabilities as native and collaborative editing of both documents and spreadsheets on iOS devices. Monday morning, Google pushed another maintenance update that adds landscape support for document editing on the iPhone and iPod touch, in addition to minor bug fixes and faster performance…

The application will now load faster and you should notice nimbler performance while editing your documents, Google says. More importantly, viewing or editing documents on a tiny smartphone screen has become a tad easier with landscape support, which is useful for prolonged text entry because you get to use the wider virtual keyboard.

Image top of post depicts landscape editing in action.

I’m not sure if I was holding it the wrong way or something, but I couldn’t get spreadsheets to reorient themselves upon turning my device upside down, even though Google clearly notes in iTunes release notes that Google Drive 1.3 supports landscape editing of both documents and spreadsheets for iPhone.

In case you’ve been wondering, Google is giving each user five gigabytes of free cloud shared between Google Drive and Google+ Photos. You can also upgrade to 25GB of additional storage for $24.99 per year via in-app purchase.

Google Drive is a universal binary that works natively on all iDevices, iPads included.

You can download it free from the App Store.