Duke Nukem II coming to iOS in April

Duke Nukem II side-scroller, which celebrates its 20th anniversary, is coming to Apple’s iPhone and iPad in April, Interceptor Entertainment and 3D Realms announced. The universal binary will be priced at $1.99 and include all of the 32 level from the original levels, enhanced with multitouch controls, a new soundtrack, refreshed graphics, online leaderboards and more. Above is the launch trailer above for a look at Duke Nukem 2 iOS in action and I’ve included a few more details right after the break…

Chances are you’re not that old to remember Duke Nukem II, “the king of side-scrollers” (as 3D Realms calls it) which was originally released back in 1993 for Microsoft’s text-based operating system for PC boxes, called DOS.

The game was originally developed and published by Apogee Software, a 3D Realms-owned label, and was later ported to Nintendo’s Game Boy Color in 1999. The main premise in Duke Nukem II are – you guessed right – aliens. Duke Nukem II was followed by Duke Nukem 3D in 1996 and Duke Nukem Forever in 2011.

In the “futuristic” 1998, the slimy extra terrestrials kidnap Duke, wanting to use his gray matter to control humanity. Duke must save the planet, destroy the aliens and bring peace and prosperity to mankind and that’s all you need to know – if you’re fond of some arcade-style side-scrolling action, that is.

You’ll blast your way through the levels and dispose of aliens using your trusted regular gun, in addition to the flamethrower, rocket launcher and laser, with a bunch of power ups and a dash of puzzle elements like keycards to access locked doors and what not.

I’m a big sucker for these kinds of games, probably because side-scrollers and bitmap shooters were all the rage in the 1990s, when Commodore’s Amiga ruled the home computing landscape.