PayPal outs in-store payment software for iPad

PayPal Here for iPad 1.0 (iPad screenshot 001)

eBay-owned PayPal operates in 190 markets and in 25 currencies around the world and has more than 123 million active accounts.

The company has had the PayPal Here iPhone app available on the App Store since March of last year. The free software has now been released on the iPad, marking PayPal’s first tablet app ever.

Essential to merchants who prefer PayPal and want to get paid directly at the point of sale, the program works in conjunction with a free credit card reader to let you scan an item’s barcode for faster checkout, wirelessly connect to a cash drawer and printer, track sales activity and more…

The bar code scanning feature taps eBay-owned Red Laser tech which works great, if the iOS app is anything to go by. Scanned items are added to your Item List and the checkout experience should be simple, per screenies.

PayPal Here for iPad 1.0 (iPad screenshot 005)

PayPal says the app is designed for small retail storefronts, sole proprietors, offices or businesses “who want to accept payments more simply with an easy to set up, scalable mobile payment solution that grows with their business.”

The company is working with retail POS solution providers like NCR, Shopkeep, Leapset, Vend, Kounta and Erply on enabling integration with PayPal Here.

PayPal Here for iPad 1.0 (iPad screenshot 003)

Some of the features:

• charge a flat amount or itemize an order
• set up a product list to make order entry fast and easy
• scan an item’s barcode with your camera to add it to an order
• connect a cash drawer and receipt printer
• offer discounts
• set up multiple tax rates
• give customers the option to add tips
• text or email receipts
• process full or partial refunds
• track sales activity in your Daily Summary
• give employees partial access to your PayPal account so they can accept payments for you

PayPal is actually following in Square’s footsteps here as the Jack Dorsey-backed startup last month announced an all-in-one POS for iPad that looks gorgeous, is fully customizable and works wirelessly with Square Register.

Here’s Square’s solution.

Square (iPad with Amex card)

And this is PayPal’s software design.

PayPal Here for iPad 1.0 (iPad screenshot 004)

Quite a difference, no?

You’d be forgiven for mistaking this for a Windows app screenshot.

Check out the official blog post for more information.