‘SafariSwipez’ brings swipe-to-close gestures to Safari tabs

Gestures are all the rage these days, just look at popular tweaks like Auxo and Zephyr for the proof. What about adding swipe gestures to the tabs in the stock Safari browser? Wouldn’t that be a welcomed addition? After trying out SafariSwipez, I can indeed say that it is.

SafariSwipez is a jailbreak tweak that allows you to swipe up or down on a page in tabbed view to close out the tab in question. As you might expect, SafariSwipez is a really simple tweak with no options or settings to configure. Take a look inside for more details.

After some use I can say that SafariSwipez feels like a totally natural part of the Safari browser. Google Chrome for iOS incorporates similar gestures, and I wish that Apple would go ahead an incorporate the gestures in its next major Safari update.

SafariSwipez won’t change your life or anything like that, but it’s a much more natural way to close open tabs within the browser. For the record, swipes can be either up or down, as both perform the same function of closing the running tab.

If you’d like to take SafariSwipez for a test drive, then head over to this link if you’re viewing this on your jailbroken iDevice. Otherwise, you can find SafariSwipez for free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo.