‘Haptic Keyboard’ tries to make your typing experience more engaging

Haptic feedback

Haptic Keyboard is a new jailbreak tweak that institutes haptic feedback with each press of a key on the iPhone’s keyboard. Similar tweaks have appeared on Cydia in the past, but their compatibility has been spotty with recent iOS updates.

The purpose of haptic feedback, is to give the end user the sensation of actually typing on a physical keyboard, instead of a piece of smooth glass. Unfortunately, in the case of this latest version of Haptic Feedback, the idea is much better than the final execution.

As you’ve likely already discerned from the screenshot above, Haptic Keyboard causes your iPhone’s keyboard to suffer through graphical glitches when installed. The glitches appeared often, and were a real distraction when it came to getting anything useful done.

Glitches aside, the most frustrating aspect about Haptic Keyboard was the feedback itself. The vibration response was weak and uninspired, and worse yet, the tweak lacked any settings to customize the experience.

Haptic Keyboard may be free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo, but I wouldn’t waste my time if I were you, at least not on this 1.0 release. Still, if you’re determined to go against my advice and you’re browsing this post on your iPhone, you can find its direct Cydia link here.

Note: BigBoss repo manager 0ptimo says that they are removing Haptic Keyboard from Cydia, if only temporary, while they determine if the submitter is the genuine author or not.