iOS 6.1.2 coming soon to fix Exchange, Lock screen vulnerabilities


Official fixes for both the battery-draining Exchange bug and the potentially dangerous Lock screen vulnerability that lets anyone bypass your passcode are likely to arrive as part of iOS 6.1.2, a maintenance update that should be released for public consumption before month’s end, according to a German blog with a somewhat accurate record of Apple reporting…

According to the German-language blog iFun, fixes for these vulnerabilities are part of the iOS 6.1.2 software update, said to arrive before next Wednesday, February 20.

The blog says this information was provided by the same source who predicted the launch of iOS 6.1.1.

Wenesday came news of a trick which enables anyone to bypass your iPhone’s Lock screen in order to gain access to your contacts, the Phone app, email messages, photos and other data.

Apple in a prepared statement acknowledged the issue.

“We are aware of this issue, and will deliver a fix in a future software update,” spokeswoman Trudy Muller said.

Both Microsoft and Apple have also offered up band-aid fixes for a nasty Exchange bug in iOS 6.1.1 which results in the battery draining faster than usual.

That glitch, iFun writes, will also be addressed in iOS 6.1.2.