Dropbox refreshed with all-new PDF viewer, push alerts for shared folders

Dropbox 2.1 for iOS (iPad screenshot 001)

Dropbox on Monday rolled out a shiny new admin console for enterprise users and last week released a new Sync API to make it much easier for programmers to write software which treats cloud Dropbox files as if they were local.

Today, the hot cloud storage startup gave its iOS client some love by pushing out an update containing three useful enhancements.

First up, the Dropbox app sports an all-new PDF viewer with search and nice thumbnail view. Second, you will now receive a push notification when a folder has been shared with you. And third, Dropbox now lets you sort your files by date modified (finally!). The free update is available now from the App Store…

I love push alerts for shared folders.

Previously, you had to enable email notifications to be alerted when a person wanted to share a folder with you. With today’s update, you’ll simply receive a standard iOS alert whenever a folder has been shared with you.

The new PDF viewer in Dropbox version 2.1 packs in quite efficient built-in search feature. You can also view your PDF documents in full screen or browse them laid out as big page-by-page thumbnails.

Dropbox 2.1 for iOS (iPad screenshot 002)

I’ve long craved for some form of iOS file management from Apple, but stopped caring as Dropbox has become my go-to file system on all my mobile devices.

It’s seamless, platform-agnostic, efficient and supported by major apps.

How do you incorporate Dropbox in your mobile workflow?