Apple closely trails Amazon in mobile shopping satisfaction


A new survey out Wednesday gives an intriguing snapshot of current mobile shopping. Naturally, the top Internet retailer, Amazon, takes the first spot in shopping satisfaction but Apple is close on its heels and ties with TV retail powerhouse QVC. In a survey by analytics player ForeSee taken during the all-important holiday shopping period, Apple scored 83 percent as consumers expressed increasing satisfaction with mobile shopping…

Per data, Victoria’s Secret and computer retailer NewEgg rounded out the top five mobile retailers.

Here are the individual satisfaction scores for the top 25 mobile retailers.

ForeSee (mobile shopping 002)

This is the second survey where Apple and Amazon have jockeyed for the vote of consumers. Tuesday, the Kindle-maker grabbed first place in a poll on the most respected U.S. corporations.

As we noted at the time, Amazon was picked for its emotional connection with consumers – an ironic finding for a company with completely virtual operations.

Apple may have benefited from what the researcher says is a trend toward mobile shopping. Indeed, during the Black Friday period, the iPad was the preferred shopping platform for many consumers.

Apple CEO Tim Cook during his Goldman Sachs presentation earlier this week highlighted an IBM survey that put the Apple tablet at the top of Black Friday shopping, underscoring his company sold more iPads last year than Hewlett-Packard sold PCs.

According to ForeSee, consumers increasingly view mobile shopping positively.

Overall, mobile shopping satisfaction rose to 78 percent in 2012, a slight increase over 76 percent in 2011.

In your view, does Amazon trounce Apple in mobile shopping experience?