Seas0nPass jailbreak tool updated for Apple TV 5.2

seas0npass Apple TV

Good news for all of you second generation Apple TV owners out there. FireCore has just announced that the latest firmware for the set-top box, Apple TV 5.2, is now jailbreakable thanks to an update to the Seas0nPass tool.

Apple released the new software at the end of last month alongside iOS 6.1 for its other devices. The update includes Bluetooth keyboard support, Up Next and now, thanks to the jailbreak, pretty much whatever you want…

From FireCore’s blog post:

“The wait is over, and today we’re happy to release updated versions of aTV Flash (black) and Seas0nPass that support the recently released 5.2 (iOS 6.1) Apple TV software. Big thanks goes to the evad3rs for making much of this possible.”

Unfortunately, Seas0nPass only provides an untethered jailbreak for the second generation Apple TV running the latest 5.2 firmware (or older with saved firmware signatures). The third generation Apple TV is still not supported.

So if you fall into this category, and you’re ready to start jailbreaking, you can find the latest version of the Seas0nPass tool on our Downloads page. If you need help, Jeff should be along later today with a step-by-step video tutorial.

And for those of you wondering why you would want to jailbreak your Apple TV, check out our Benefits of Jailbreaking post.