New iPad 5 mockups look just about right…

CiccareseDesign iPad 5 size comparison (image 002)

If the rumors pan out, the fifth-generation iPad should have an all-new design that borrows heavily from the iPad mini, down to the skinnier side bezels, a thin-film touchscreen tech and a much thinner profile. Based on a purportedly leaked iPad 5 backplate, MacRumors has commissioned graphics artists over at CiccareseDesign to create a nice batch of renders depicting how the device should stack up against the iPad 4, iPad mini and the iPhone 5 in terms of the size and industrial design…

According to MacRumors, the designers worked on the renders based on the leaked iPad shell, which was shown alongside an iPad mini enclosure.

“We believe the relative sizes shown in the following images offer an accurate view of how the upcoming iPad 5 will compare in size”, the blog wrote.

The image top of post represents an iPad 5 next to a mini.

And here it is on top of an iPad 4.

CiccareseDesign iPad 5 size comparison (image 003)

Notice the slightly narrower appearance and the much skinnier side bezels. If the Japanese blog Macotakara is right, the iPad 5 should be 4 mm shorter, 17 mm narrower and 2mm thinner compared to the iPad 4.

Another one: iPad 5 vs iPad mini vs iPhone 5.

CiccareseDesign iPad 5 size comparison (image 001)

Below is the current-generation iPad 4 next to a rumored iPad 5 and an iPad mini. Clearly the upcoming iPad is poised for some design changes in order to fit the look of the iPad mini.

CiccareseDesign iPad 5 size comparison (image 004)

Most rumors point to the fifth-generation iPad adopting the iPad mini’s anodized aluminum shell with its chamfered edges.

CiccareseDesign is behind some of the finest mockups we’ve seen in the Apple rumor biz, including this beautiful iPod nano-like iPhone concept, iPad mini renders and more.

The renders look just about right, don’t you think?