Belkin launches FastFit Bluetooth keyboard case for iPad mini

Belking FastFit Keyboard Case (image 004)

Logitech yesterday announced its Ultrathin Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad mini, but its rivals are not standing still. This morning, Belkin said its comparable offering will be available via its web site for the same eighty bucks as the Logitech keyboard case. Built with anodized aircraft grade aluminum, it’s a fit for the iPad mini’s industrial design. The FastFit Keyboard Case is also 0.3mm thinner than Logitech’s (7mm vs 7.3mm).

We’re not sure if anyone will be able to tell the difference in thinness, but that sure looks like a damn nice portable keyboard case, if I ever saw one. Jump past the fold for more info…

This is how the case itself looks like.

Belking FastFit Keyboard Case (image 002)

And attached to your iPad mini.

Belking FastFit Keyboard Case (image 001)

Looks like a Surface Pro, no?

Belking FastFit Keyboard Case (image 003)

Like the Logitech product, the FastFit Keyboard Case connects to your iPad mini wirelessly, using Bluetooth pairing. The QERTY keyboard looks solid and has dedicated keys for copying and pasting text, moderating volume and controlling music.

The keyboard’s TruType keys are larger than most 7″ keyboards, and perform like laptop-type keys, allowing for fast typing with fewer errors than other small keyboards.

Belkin says that TruType technology coupled with well-spaced keys provides for fast and accurate typing because each key incorporates a spring mechanism for that unmistakable tactile feedback when struck.

There’s also a built-in stand for propping up your device in portrait or landscape and the accessory attaches magnetically and automatically wakes your device from sleep when in use, just like Logitech’s keyboard case.

Belkin is claiming up to three months of stand-by mode.

The FastFit Bluetooth keyboard case for iPad mini is available straight from Belkin’s web store for $79.99.