Tweetbot gains support for Chrome, Flickr, Vine and 1Password

Tweetbot 2.7 for iOS (iPad screenshot 001)

Here’s another nice Tweetbot update for your iPhone or iPad. A new version, Tweetbot 2.7, is now live on the App Store with some interesting new features. For starters, Tweetbot can now open links from tweets in Google’s Chrome browser, provided it’s installed on your iDevice. The app will also render Flickr images in-line, as well as 6-second clips tweeted out using Twitter’s new Vine app. Lastly, links from tweets can also be sent to the 1Password app‘s built-in browser in order to access password-protected web sites without having to remember your credentials…

When viewing a Flickr image in-line, you can save or copy the photo, view it on the Flickr web site or tweet out a link to it. 1Password integration requires version 4.0 or later of that app.

From release notes:

• added the ability to open links in Chrome and 1Password
• added inline image support for Flickr
• added inline image support for Vine
• better support for muting Tweets with URLs
• various bug fixes
• still no jokes in the release notes

I love the last “feature”.

Links can be sent to Chrome or 1Password either directly or by choosing the share menu in Tweetbot’s built-in browser.

Our friend, MacStories editor Federico Viticci, has more on that:

If you open a link in Google Chrome, a new tab will open showing a back button labeled “Tweetbot”. Once you’re done reading, you can hit that button to automatically close the tab and be taken back to your position in the Tweetbot timeline.

Chrome is smart in hiding the back button if you navigate to other pages from the Tweetbot-created tab. The browser also remembers the “special” tab if you switch to other tabs and then go back to the one created by Tweetbot.

You choose your default browser in the app’s settings (left), which makes it available as a sharing option in Tweetbot’s in-app browser (right).

Tweetbot 2.7 for iOS (iPhone 5 screenshot 001)Tweetbot 2.7 for iOS (iPhone 5 screenshot 002)

Disabling “Open in Tweetbot” will take you straight to your browser of choice upon tapping any link in Tweetbot. Alternatively, you can tap and hold a link and select “Open in Chrome”.

Of course, opening links in Chrome (or Safari) yanks you out of Tweetbot, but that’s how iOS rolls.

Tweetbot for the iPhone/iPod touch costs three bucks.

The iPad build will run you an additional $3.