Poll: is the $799 128GB iPad a tough sell?

iPad mini (Minimally Minimal 002, white, desk, Magic Mouse)

Whenever I but a mobile device from Apple, be it a MacBook Air, iPhone or iPad, I typically opt for the most capacious model available. I know storage comes at a premium when you’re dealing with Apple, but with tons of photos, music and other media, plus a bunch of apps and games, it’s better to be on the safe side, at least in my experience.

I know you can store your stuff in Dropbox and iCloud, but nothing beats local storage and you still cannot run a 2GB big-budget game from iCloud, now can you? In that regard, this new 128GB iPad 4 could be the perfect buy: for just a hundred bucks more you get an additional 64GB of storage over the previous $699 64GB Wi-Fi-only model (better than just 16GB more for those opting for a $599 32GB model versus the entry-level $499 16GB iPad).

But what about you? Is $799 to high a price to pay for a Wi-Fi-only tablet with 128GB of speedy flash storage? And who is it for?

Here, cast your vote now.

This should be fun.

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