Concept video shows what a 4.8-inch iPhone could look like

4.8-inch iphone

Amidst growing speculation that Apple is working on a larger handset, a Russian site has created this mockup of what it believes a bigger iPhone could look like. Created from details in the recent ‘iPhone Math’ rumor, the device has a 4.8-inch display and 12MP camera.

Contrary to other iPhone concepts, which typically travel outside the realm of possibility, this one opts to stay within the lines of Apple’s current design schemes. It looks like the iPhone 5, but its footprint has been both lengthened and widened to support the larger display…

The concept, dubbed the ‘iPhone Math Prototype,’ comes from Russian site (via MacRumors). And with its larger display, higher resolution camera and multiple color choices, it actually matches up nicely with some recent next-generation iPhone rumors.

Many analysts and market watchers believe that Apple is planning to enter the growing big-screened ‘phablet’ market, currently dominated by Samsung, with its own super-sized handset. And some even think the company is poised to do so as early as the second half of this year.

It’s worth noting, though, that a lot of folks, including us, are very skeptical of these reports. It’s hard to believe that Apple would up the handset’s screen size again after moving to 4-inches just last year. And on top of that, DigiTimes essentially debunked the claim this morning.

Nevertheless, I have to say that I like the idea of a 4.8-inch screen. And this concept pulls that off without making the device much bigger than the current iPhone. Sure, I’d like to see Apple make the handset thinner, and use a back plate akin to the iPad mini. But I’d be ok with this too.

What are your thoughts on this iPhone concept?