Tesco’s Clubcard unofficially repurposed for Apple’s Passbook app

Tesco teaser 001

Apple’s Passbook app in iOS 6 has seen an encouraging uptick as various brands continue to implement Passbook support for loyalty and coupon cards and tickets, like Starbucks, mobile payment startup Square, Coupons.com, MLB, Discover, Apple (of course) and a host of airlines, to name a few. Passbook is also used by real estate agents and now Passverse founder Tomas McGuinness has brought an unofficial support for Passbook to the Clubcard from Tesco, UK’s biggest supermarket chain…

PassVerse is a startup that lets anyone create and manage Passbook passes for their business. The Next Web reports that implementing Passbook with Clubcard took only a couple of days.

In a nutshell, McGuinness created a tool which takes your Clubcard number and generates a Passbook pass that can be loaded onto iOS devices and be scanned in stores.

Tesco Passbook (image 001)Tesco Passbook (image 002)

Author Matt Brian explains:

McGuinness’ Passbook tool doesn’t just take your Clubcard barcode, it also provides an option to select your nearest store using your postcode, automatically displaying the pass when you are nearby. It even circumvents a restriction that blocks the use of traditional barcodes.

You can try it yourself via this link (you’ll need a Clubcard from Tesco, of course).

This isn’t a bullet-proof solution: self-service checkouts will not be able to scan Clubcard Passbook passes because its readers are not smart enough to process screen-generated barcodes.

Still, it’s an interesting project that shows there’s a market for Passbook, even if Apple should be more aggressive in persuading more brands to support Passbook.

Have you used Passbook in real-world yet?