Discover updates Mobile app with Passbook support

Great news Discover cardholders, the credit card company pushed out an update to its iOS app today that includes support for Apple’s Passbook. Discover Mobile 4.10 allows Discover users to turn their Cashback Bonus rewards into eCertificates, which can then be transferred to the digital wallet…

From there, the eCertificates can be used as a point-of-sale payment at participating merchants. So for instance, if you’re shopping at a retailer that has a way of scanning Passbook cards, you could be able to pay your bill with your Cashback Bonus reward points. That’s actually pretty convenient.

Here’s some of Discover Mobile’s other features:

  • New! Tap the “Add to Passbook” icon on participating partner eCertificates after redeeming to store them in your Passbook app (Available for users on iOS 6 or greater)
  • Redeem your rewards for Partner gift cards, eCertificates and Discover gift cards
  • Refer friends to Discover and earn extra rewards
  • View account summary and statement, balance and payment information, available credit, Cashback Bonus balance, and much more
  • Make payments and search transaction history
  • Enroll in quarterly 5% Cashback Bonus programs
  • Send cash to just about anyone using Money Messenger® powered by PayPal® (if this features is available to you)

Apple released Passbook, an app that aims to collect and organize all of your digital gift cards, coupons and event passes, to the public alongside iOS 6 back in September. And although initial adoption was slow, several companies now support the platform including Apple, Re/Max, Starbucks and Target.

If you want to check out the new Discover Mobile app, you can download it from the App Store for free. Obviously, you’ll need to be a cardholder and a member to use it.