Apple airs two new iPhone 5 ads, ‘Turkey’ and ‘Orchestra’

With the holidays rapidly approaching, it’s no surprise that Apple has started to ramp up marketing for its iOS products. Yesterday, new iPod ads started popping up around the web. And tonight, two new iPhone 5 commercials began airing on television: ‘Turkey’ and ‘Orchestra.’ As always, we have both of the spots for you after the break…

First up is the ‘Turkey’ ad, which spotlights the new Shared Photo Stream feature in iOS 6:

And then there is the ‘Orchestra’ spot, which talks about the iPhone 5’s rear-facing microphone:

There’s no real surprises here, as the two spots are very similar to Apple’s recent iPhone 5 ads. It seems the company has decided to drop the celebrity-ridden commercials it used for the iPhone 4S in favor of ones that focus on the handset and its features. I happen to think the new spots are far more effective. What do you think?