Ad assault: Windows Phone commercials are heavy on celebs and great overall

Microsoft is sparing no expense in promoting its freshly updated Windows Phone software platform. The massive advertising blitz that will end up costing billions over the next twelve months kicked off during NFL games on Sunday with a series of effective commercials. They’re all heavy on celebs who explain how Windows Phone makes their lives more personal.

The basic message the campaign wants to instill in the mind of the consumer is that Windows Phone is “reinvented around you” (it reminds a bit of the “inspired by nature, designed by humans” tagline for Samsung’s Galaxy S III, doesn’t it?). “When we set out to make a smartphone, we didn’t make one for all of us”, the ad above proclaims. “We made one for each of us”.

Right below the fold: more ads showing Gwen Stefani arranging Live Tiles, Jessica Alba using Kid’s Corner parental controls and even Microsoft’s boss Steve Ballmer messing with the Live Apps on the Start screen…

Here’s Gwen Stefani…

…and Jesica Alba…

…and this one explains what makes Windows Phone Steve’s phone.

Chances are the topmost ad rings a bell.

That’s because creative concept calls for a similar approach to Samsung’s commercial for the Galaxy Nexus smartphone, as pointed out by 9to5Google.

Here, check it out.!

AT&T and Nokia are also using Will Arnett to promote the Lumia 920 in the United States, with the carrier sponsoring a contest where one lucky winner becomes Arnett’s personal assistant for a day.

Coming soon to your live TV: more ads starring Jay-Z, James Corden and other celebs.

And over in the United Kingdom, the software giant has purchased local celebrities such as James Corden and Holly Willoughby to promote Windows Phone.

Check out two clips starring Corden and Willoughby.

And here’s Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore (he runs Windows Phone) telling us how Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 work great together.

Past, current, and upcoming clips can all be found on Microsoft’s official Windows Phone and Windows Phone UK channels on YouTube.

Unlike the somewhat confusing – some would say failedSurface commercials, I think these ads are very nicely done because they show off the actual features that are unique to Windows Phone.

How do you like Microsoft’s new ads?

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