iPad mini user guide

Good news for those of you who managed to score an iPad mini during this sellout weekend, Apple has posted the full-length user guide for the new tablet online.

Obviously, since the mini is so similar to its larger sibling, it’s not going to take seasoned iPad users long to get accustomed it. But since Apple only includes brief “getting started” pamphlets with the device, it wouldn’t hurt to bookmark the actual manual for future reference…

Apple’s official iPad mini User Guide includes everything you need to know about the tablet and its operating system. It has instructions on how to do everything from connect the mini to a Wi-Fi network, to more complicated stuff like setting up and using CalDAV calendar accounts.

In fact, the guide covers over 100 topics on the iPad mini. So whether you’re completely new to iOS, or a long-time user, you’ll likely find some helpful tips inside. If you’re interested, you can find the guide on Apple’s website in the Support section, or just click here for the PDF.

Just get an iPhone 5? Don’t worry, we have a link to the full user guide for Apple’s new handset as well.