iPhone 5 user guide

After months and months of rumors, and waiting, the iPhone 5 is finally here. The handset, which Apple unveiled last week, is now on sale here in the US and around the world.

While the new iPhone might share some design elements with its predecessors, there’s no question that it’s a completely different beast. So if you just purchased the phone, or want to learn more about it, we recommend checking out the official iPhone 5 user guide…

Apple has uploaded a massive 155-page user guide to help new purchasers get acquainted with the device. The PDF, which can be viewed here, includes far more information than you get with the iPhone. The booklet that comes in the box is just a minimal quick start guide.

Even if you consider yourself an iPhone expert, you can still pick up a few things from the extended iPhone 5 user guide. It covers over 100 procedures and features — some of which are fairly in-depth. For example, how to create and manage your LDAP and CardDAV accounts.

But if sifting through lengthy instruction booklets isn’t your thing, iDB has you covered. We’ll be posting new iPhone 5 discoveries, tips and tricks as we come across them, so stay tuned!

Happy iPhone day!