Poll: do you plan on getting an iPad mini?

Pundits were flabbergasted when Apple didn’t price the iPad mini at $199 to go for the kill. At $329, the iPad mini is a $130 more than seven-inch tablets from Google and Amazon, both starting at just $199. Furthermore, Amazon’s 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD with a higher-resolution display than the iPad mini is still thirty bucks cheaper than Apple’s gizmo.

On the other hand, Apple is good at these things and it’s outrages to assume the company somehow got the price wrong. Analysts are convinced the $329 iPad mini is an absolute homerun. Certainly the device does appear to protect Apple’s price umbrella by making the iPad more enticing to budget shoppers while forcing rivals to scrape the bottom of the barrel. Taking it all in, would you buy an iPad mini at Apple’s current price points? Before we get to it, I wanna focus a little bit on past polls.

When we asked you where the device should start at, nearly one-third of respondents said $199 and more than a third hoped for $249. Less then seven percent felt Apple could get away with a $329 iPad mini.

In another poll, seven out of each ten respondents said they wouldn’t consider a non-Retina iPad mini.

And in this poll following yesterday’s announcements, nearly a third of our respondents were disappointed with the device’s resolution, which matches the iPad 2’s 1,024-by-768 pixel resolution display. Another third hoped the device would be cheaper.

For good measure, here’s Apple’s sales pitch for the iPad mini.


With that in mind, cast your vote now.

As always, don’t hesitate to explain your vote and share with others your observations down in the comments.