Galaxy Note II TV ad sold me on the stylus thing

Pundits are holding their breath as Apple is prepping to unleash the iPad mini upon the world, but over at Samsung it’s business as usual. The company’s mobile arm this morning posted to its official YouTube channel an interesting television commercial for the massive 5.55-inch Galaxy Note II phablet.

Now, it’s true the media slammed Samsung over its stylus thing called S-Pen, but I’ll be the first to admit this  30-second ad effectively makes the case for a stylus-based tablet computing. A team of people is seen collaborating on ideas while on the go, using the stylus and apps optimized for it.

It’s not likely Apple will release a stylus-based device in the near future. Remember, Steve Jobs once said, “if you see a stylus, they blew it”. Samsung hardly blew it with the Note: by August, it sold ten million units worldwide. Somebody out there must be loving a stylus on their tablet…

Samsung’s mobile chief Shin Jong-kyun last month said he expected his firm to sell three million Galaxy Note II units during the first three months of availability.

Samsung bills the Note II phablet as “the ultimate smartphone for on-the-go creativity”.

Gee, I ain’t so sure about that.

Such a stupendously massive cross-over thing shouldn’t be confused with a regular smartphone, but it sure does enable “unique experiences in personalized and expressive content creation”.

From YouTube description:

Meet the new Samsung Galaxy Note II, which enables unique experiences in personalized and expressive content creation, making it the ultimate smartphone for on-the-go creativity.

Earlier this morning, Samsung here at my local mall demoed the gizmo. I had a chance to play with it for about half an hour and walked away pretty impressed.

As a smartphone and app machine, this thing is definitely too ridiculous to carry in one’s pocket. But regardless of what Steve Jobs said, I see demand for stylus-based phablets with Gorilla-sized screens.

The Note II comes preloaded with a bunch of apps optimized for the S-Pen and its Android operating system has been tweaked to take advantage of it, from multitasking and browsing your content to manipulating objects and doing interesting mesh ups.

Apple will hardly address this market unless Samsung somehow manages to sell truckload of Galaxy Notes to the general public. There’s no doubt this device appeals to the creative types, like graphic artists, but also to others who may be in search for a different mobile experience.

I’m curious to learn about your thoughts on the Galaxy Note II…