Apple reportedly readying iOS 6.0.1, iOS 6.1 due post-holidays

Apple has allegedly begun testing iOS 6.0.1, a maintenance release that should address the annoying screen flicker which some users reported as happening when the iPhone 5 keyboard pops up. The release should also fix another issue with the camera’s flash not going off. Apple is also working on iOS 6.1, the first so-called dot update to its mobile operating system powering iPhones, iPads and iPods. This release is not expected until after holidays, indicating that the upcoming iPad mini will initially run the current iOS version…

Boy Genius Report editor Jonathan S. Geller says he learned from sources that in addition to fixing the aforementioned bugs, iOS 6.0.1 will also deliver the following:

In addition, the new software will improve Wi-Fi support, fix cellular data not working in some cases, add a consolidated cellular data switch for iTunes Match, fix a bug that allowed access to Passbook pass details from the lock screen, and also finally fix the bug that caused Exchange meetings to be unexpectedly cancelled for the entire calendar invite group.

BGR is a mixed bag of accurate reporting and speculation when it comes to Apple news.

Back in June, the site reported Apple would release a software-development kit for the Apple TV and launch a feature-complete software to power the long-rumored standalone television set, neither of which came true.

Still, it’s fairly safe to assume, I think, that this rumor is valid.

Based on user reports on Apple’s discussion forums, Apple is well aware of iOS 6 teething problems and is working on a fix for a number of software-related issues.

I also find it surprising that iOS 6.1, which BGR claims Apple “is only now just starting testing”, would be released post-holidays.

What’s your call?