Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour trailer shows off unbelievable mobile graphics

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is coming this fall on iOS and Android and Gameloft today posted this second trailer to highlight the visual aspects of this awesome-looking first-person shooter. This follows a gameplay trailer released on September 25. The high-definition graphics promises to really shine on the iPhone 5, giving us some indication what its speedy in-house designed A6 chip with three GPU cores is capable of, at least until Infinity Blade Dungeons lands. I’ve also included a few totally eye-candy screenies right past the fold…

The iOS version of the game has been confirmed to support the iPhone 5. The game’s graphics is driven by the Havok engine, which has been improved on mobile and now features real-time shadows.

It’s a big budget production so the team captured character animations from live actors and created a new system for believable vehicle animations.

Of course, large scale firefight, lots of orange explosions and big open spaces are all part of Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, arguably one of the most anticipated game releases on both iOS and Android this year.

You won’t be only playing a U.S. soldier: Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour also puts you in the shoes of the villain Edward Page, which is kinda nice.

Check out the screenies, via Gameloft.

Wow, looks like the gap between smartphones, consoles and dedicated gaming consoles is closing every day. For more, hop over to the official web site.

And here’s the first trailer from last month.

The game is arriving to iOS and Android platforms later this month.

If you’re a sucker for first-person shooters as I am, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour should be well worth the wait.