Google+ app gains iPhone 5 support, new features

Google today finally updated its slick Google+ mobile client with some much-needed support for iOS 6 and the iPhone 5‘s four-inch display, so people don’t experience the ugly letterboxing. More importantly, the program has received a couple new features that finally make it easy to edit posts on the go. And if you have your own page on the Google+ social network, you can now view, post and comment as your Google+ page…

Additionally, on the iPad you can now search for people and posts.

In addition to these new features, the app allows users to join a Hangout session on their device, making it the perfect videoconferencing solution for people who use Google+.

The interface remains fluid and smooth, unlike some other apps (I’m looking at you, Facebook). Plus, I have yet to see Google+ crash on me. All told, Google should really be credited for nailing the interface on the iPad.

Here are some screenies from the iPhone version.

Google+ is a free download that supports natively both the iPad and iPhone/iPod touch.

Is the Google+ social network your thing?