Apple is now shipping orders of the new iPod touch and iPod nano

Some buyers reported today that Apple has begun shipping orders of the fifth-generation iPod touch and seventh-generation iPod nano. The company yesterday started shipping the new Lightning to 30-pin adapter which allows people to use most of legacy accessories with the iPhone 5, as well as the new iPod touch and iPod nano, all featuring the Lightning connector. In addition, Apple this morning published the iPod touch user guide as a free iBookstore download…

GigaOM and other publications heard from U.S. readers who got notices from Apple that the new iPod touches and iPod nanos have left docks in Asia, with an expected delivery date of October 15. Some international users have also reported receiving shipping notices.

The new iPod touch and nano was unveiled alongside the iPhone 5 at the September 12 presser.

The fifth-generation iPod touch has a four-inch display that doesn’t skimp on any of advanced display technologies seen on the iPhone 5. At just 6.1 mm, it’s the thinnest iPod touch Apple has ever made (the iPhone 5 is 7.6mm).

Engadget Chinese’s Richard Lai posted on Twitter this photo of the new iPod touch in Apple’s Hong Kong store, so we’re expecting the device to hit U.S. stores by Friday.


The media player has the same 2.4GHz and 5GHz 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi radio as the iPhone 5, supports AirPlay Mirroring, is compatible with Siri, runs Apple’s A5 chip with dual-core processing and graphics cores and boasts a five-megapixel iSight camera with backside illumination, a Hybrid IR filter, a fifth lens, autofocus and LED flash.

It also supports the new Panorama photo mode, while the front-facing FaceTime camera now supports video conferencing in 720p.

The new iPod touch comes in five vivid colors and costs $299/$399 for the 32/64GB model. The previous-generation 16GB iPod touch is still an affordable $199.

As for the new iPod nano, Apple switched back to an elongated appearance as the new nano has a 2.5-inch multitouch widescreen display that plays video. Other notables include the home button, a 38 percent thinner appearance at just 5.4mm, a redesigned volume control on the left with the middle section acting as the play/pause control.

It has built-in fitness and pedometer sensor, Bluetooth networking, comes in seven colors and begins at $149 for sixteen gigabytes of storage.

If you placed an order for the new iPod touch or nano, let us know down in the comments about your shipping estimate.