Samsung kidnaps buyer to copy iPhone 5 tech in new Conan vid

Conan O’Brien regularly pokes fun at Apple and we here at iDB love his funny takes on Cupertino’s products and moves. He mocked the Apple v. Samsung monster trial, the new iPad Retina Display, Siri commercials and the lost iPhone prototype meme, to name a few. Now he’s back at it again.

Riding high on the iPhone 5 tidal wave, the 49-year-old host of the TBS late night show sent out an intern to buy an iPhone 5 from Apple. The poor kid got kidnapped by Samsung’s men in black to presumably held him hostage in order to gain access to the Phone 5 technology.

If you didn’t laugh at Conan’s video, laughing at yourself is always a nice alternative (here, here and here)…

A whole lot more of Conan videos are available at the official Team Coco web site.

So, funny or not?