Twitter enables web uploads on mobile site from iOS 6 and Android ICS devices

One of the cool enhancements in iOS 6 Safari is its broader support for standard HTML elements, including a regular HTML input element used on literally all sites requiring media uploading capability.

This support for media uploads lets Safari understand the standard Upload button that invokes a file picker on your desktop and replace it with standard iOS media picker.

Up until now, you could only test this on certain web sites, like the desktop Facebook interface in mobile Safari. Today, Twitter enabled on its mobile site photo uploads from a browser on iOS 6 and Android Ice Cream Sandwich devices, here’s how it works…

It’s pretty straightforward, really.

According to Sociable, which first spotted changes in the mobile web interface, Twitter is expanding its already established native app functionality to with the new Upload button.

Sung Hu Kim, one of Twitter’s mobile product manager, later tweeted this image using a mobile device and took to Twitter (where else) confirming that the image was tweeted from his phone’s browser rather than a native Twitter app.

Interestingly, uploading from a device’s camera is also supported.

I’m so glad Safari in iOS 6 finally understands media uploads.

I ran a couple times into situations where I needed to update some web content on my iPhone, but couldn’t because Safari didn’t support media uploads. I am also a big fan of Safari’s full-screen mode in landscape (why not in portrait, too?).

You probably will also love Smart App Banners in iOS 6 Safari that automatically pop up on supported web sites to offer native iOS apps instead of the mobile web experience.

These prompts are helpful as they include iTunes ratings, a link to the app’s description on the App Store or – if you have the app installed – a button to launch it immediately.

You can also dismiss the banner and it won’t re-appear on subsequent visits.

Have a look, if you will, at Smart App Banners by visiting the online Apple Store using iOS 6 Safari.

While Smart App Banners file as nice-to-haves, I have a feeling a whole lots more people will find use for media uploads in Safari.

Can you say media uploading capability is one of the features of iOS 6 Safari that you’ll be using?