Report: Samsung can delay $1B payment to Apple until 2013

It’s a good thing Apple is filthy rich and doesn’t need the $1 billion in damages from Samsung any time soon. Due to the timing of post-trial paper-shuffling and other courtroom delays, the South Korean company may not pay its bill until 2013 — if ever.

The two rivals are set to meet Dec. 6 for pre-trial motions. Then any jury award to Apple will get an automatic 14-day stay. Judge Koh could also modify the damage amount. Foss Patents also reminds us that Apple could ask for something off Samsung’s huge parts bill.

Apple each year purchases components from Samsung valued “on the order of ten times the damages verdict.” The two firms could agree that Apple doesn’t pay for the components during the post-trial phase. Even if Samsung has to shell out the entire $1 billion, no one should shed tears.

“It’s really unlikely that Samsung, which currently has tens of billions in the bank, would be unable to pay the billion-dollar amount if it ultimately had to,” writes blog author Florian Mueller.

What do you think? Would it make more sense for Apple to work a deal with Samsung instead of toss a $1 billion in the bank?