Apple vs. Samsung injunction hearing set for December 6th

Now that the high-profile trial between Apple and Samsung is over here in the US, we move onto the injunction hearing. Apple is going to use its recent victory to try and get some of Samsung’s products banned from the United States.

We’ve already learned which devices Apple is going after. Earlier this week Apple filed a notice with the court outlining 8 of Samsung’s handsets that were found guilty of infringing on its patents. And now we know the hearing date…

Reuters reports:

“A U.S. judge on Tuesday set a December 6 court date to hear Apple Inc’s request for a permanent injunction against Samsung Electronics’ smartphones, which could delay the potential impact of Apple’s crushing legal victory…

…A hearing about the preliminary injunctions had been scheduled for September 20 but it is not clear if this issue will be addressed at that hearing or moved to December.

In an order on Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh said that due to the scope of Apple’s preliminary injunction request, she believed it was “appropriate” that various post-trial motions be consolidated.”

Keep in mind that Apple was awarded over $1 billion in damages in its recent court victory over Samsung, so this is kind of just icing on the cake. Apple doesn’t want Samsung to continue to sell products and make a profit off of its inventions.

In addition to the handsets, Apple is also trying to win an injunction on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1, in a separate case. But since the jury didn’t find much evidence of infringement in the tablet, Samsung is trying to get it dissolved.

As we’ve said before, the devices that Apple is trying to win sales bans on are fairly old. And thanks to this December 6th hearing date, Samsung won’t miss out on the big holiday shopping season selling the few that are still on the market.

Stay tuned.