DisplayCandy adds new open, close, and switching animations to iOS

DisplayCandy is a brand new tweak that significantly spruces up the animation transitions on your iPhone or iPad. There are three areas where animations can be customized — opening, closing, and when switching between applications.

Each of the areas can be customized using a wide variety of animations, along with a slider to increase or decrease the duration of the animation you choose. As you’ll come to appreciate from the video inside, DisplayCandy is an excellent way to customize the look and feel of an iOS device…


Is DisplayCandy worth its $2 asking price on Cydia’s BigBoss repo? That depends on how much you value the custom animations.

If you’re sick and tired of iOS’ stock animations, then by all means, yes, you should consider giving DisplayCandy a go. It’s easy to setup, and you can customize the animations in multiple areas from one singular tweak.

What’s your opinion on the matter?