Just a bit ago, I reviewed App Switcher Status Bar — a jailbreak tweak that places the iPhone’s status bar inside of the app switcher.

The purpose of that tweak is to make the status bar available while the app switcher is open, since it normally disappears when doing so.

App Switcher Status Bar is an interesting take on the solution, but it stands to be asked: Why not just make the status bar stay in its normal place when opening the app switcher? And that’s likely how Status Bar Switcher was born…


Status Bar Switcher forces the status bar to stay in place when invoking the app switcher. That’s all it does, and there are no options or settings to configure.

Best of all, unlike App Switcher Status Bar, Status Bar Switcher is free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. If I had to choose between the two, I’d choose Status Bar Switcher, because it’s more natural feeling since the app switcher stays in its normal place.

Which tweak do you prefer?