ScrollThindicator places iOS scroll bars on a diet

Even if this tweak turned out to be a dud, you have to give respect where respect is due when it comes to its clever name. ScrollThindicator, as its title ever-so slyly alludes to, is a new jailbreak tweak that trims the fat off of iOS’ scroll bars.

True, there’s no real functionality to be gained from using ScrollThindicator, but it is an aesthetic change that many might enjoy. Take a gander at our hands-on video inside for brief overview of how it looks.


While many comments on our YouTube channel deemed the tweak to be worthless, I think it’s a good addition to Cydia. For one, to my knowledge, a tweak like this has never been done before; and two, it looks fairly sleek to boot.

What do you think about ScrollThindicator? It’s a free tweak available on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. If you’ve given it a try, or are considering doing so, please sound off in the comments section below.