Question of the week: Should Apple develop a dedicated gaming controller?

As we all know, Apple has found itself in the desirable position as one of the leaders in gaming industry. This wasn’t something Apple planned to do; as iOS popularity increased, it just sort of fell into its lap.

With that in mind, do you think that it’s time for Apple to take gaming more seriously? Further, should Apple develop a dedicated gaming controller and increase its presence in the industry?


The evidence already suggests that Apple is looking into such a thing, as recent patent filings prove. Of course patents don’t necessarily mean we’ll see a new product of any sort, but at least we know it’s something that’s on Apple’s mind.

I think a controller would legitimize iOS gaming to a further degree, and that it could be a killer product when combined with an Apple TV.

What do you think Apple should do: develop its own controller, or let things continue to play out as is? Sound off with your opinion below in the comments. The most well thought out comments will be featured at the beginning of next week’s Question of the Week.