First Nexus 7 commercial is clever on many levels

Google’s Nexus 7 tablet is admittedly off to a surprising start, with demand crushing expectations as the pricier $249 16GB model has been out of stock over at the Google Play Store for a couple days now. While the Internet giant is ramping up production, an inaugural advert for the device was posted today at the official Google Nexus channel on YouTube.

Though Google’s advertising is becoming increasingly cheesy lately (and it’s always been this way, cynics might add), this particular commercial is clever on many levels, I think. But you be the judge – it’s included right after the break…

Titled “Camping”, the commercial plays heavily on the centuries old father-and-son theme. Just like Apple’s heartwarming FaceTime adverts (directed by a Hollywood film maker), Google’s Nexus 7 commercial depicts the young boy and his dad exploring the woods in their backyard with a little help from their Nexus 7 (never mind it has no cellular connectivity whatsoever).

That’s as powerful and moving as that scene from a FaceTime advert where a US soldier in Iraq is doing Facetime with his pregnant wife back in America.

The boy and his dad are seen using their Nexus 7 to search locations in Google Maps, find their way through the woods using a digital compass, get information on the web and finally read e-books, watch some movies and play games in their tent.

Here it is.


I don’t know, a father and son bonding – it doesn’t get any more powerful than that.

I like it a lot.