Tim Cook met with Samsung execs again to talk patent issues

As ordered by US District Judge Lucy Koh, Tim Cook reportedly met with Samsung’s CEO and President of Mobile Communications earlier this week to discuss the ongoing patent war between the two companies.

Apple and Samsung’s two-year long battle has recently landed them in Koh’s northern California courtroom. And with the trial set to kick off on July 30th, the judge wanted them to give peace talks one last shot…

The Korea Times is reporting that Apple’s Tim Cook, and Samsung’s Choi Gee-sung and Shin Jong-kyun, met in the US on July 16th in an effort to reach some sort of agreement regarding their numerous patent suits.

Boy, to be a fly on the wall in that conference room, listening to some of the tech world’s most powerful leaders discuss one of today’s hottest topics. It makes you kind of wonder what kind of negotiator Tim Cook is.

Curiosity aside, this is the second time the two companies have met in the last three months, and it comes amidst a ton of recent courtroom activity. A few weeks ago, Apple won a pair of preliminary injunctions against Samsung here in the US. And just yesterday, Samsung was awarded a major victory in the UK.

As of right now, it seems like the trial is still on, indicating that the two sides once again left their meeting in a stalemate. And that means we’ll have to put up with talking about patents for a little while longer.

But hey, at least Koh rejected their secrecy requests. Maybe something interesting will surface during the trial.