Joy of Tech uncovers secrets from the Apple Store Employee Rule Book

You’re no doubt aware of The New York Times’ coverage of Apple’s retailing woes and Cupertino’s response: it raised wages and is mulling a career path for employees. The story is making the headlines and becoming a meme, so it goes without saying that Joy of Tech has a take on it.

Joy of Tech is a webcomic created by Canada-born Liza Schmalcel and Bruce Evans and iDB loves their funny takes on the various topics that have been occupying the greatest minds in tech (yeah, I meant that as an irony).

My favorite from their Apple Store comic: before putting on an Apple Genius shirt, please apply “New Apple Smell” scented deodorant, as instructed by your Hygiene Manager. What, didn’t you know? that there’s a fragrance which recreates the Apple unboxing scent?

Here’s your comic.

By the way, they aren’t joking about the rule #1: Don’t touch anyone’s iPhone before asking for a permission.

As noted in the controversial New York Times article from Saturday:

There is more role-playing at Core training, as it’s known, this time with pointers on the elaborate etiquette of interacting with customers. One rule: ask for permission before touching anyone’s iPhone.

Another interesting rule: don’t promise you can fix the problem.

“And we told trainees that the first thing they needed to do was acknowledge the problem, though don’t promise you can fix the problem,” said Shane Garcia, the one-time Chicago manager.

“If you can, let them know that you have felt some of the emotions they are feeling. But you have to be careful because you don’t want to lie about that.”

What’s your favorite secret from the Apple Store Employee Rule Book?