Young artists and fragrance maker design the Apple unboxing scent

That distinctive scent felt upon unwrapping a newly purchased Apple product from its packaging? File this under the you-better-believe-it drawer: a trio of young artists from Australia have created a new fragrance that replicates the smell of a new MacBook Pro.

Based on a few ordinary aroma ingredients from suppliers in the south of France, the fragrance aims to recreate that unique and sexy olfactory experience associated with unboxing a shiny new Apple product.

I don’t know about you, but I always stick my nose inside the box immediately upon unwrapping an Apple product (I also flip through magazines backwards and smell the shiny pages, too).

No seriously, I’m not making this up. Melbourne-based artists Jarrah de Kuijer, Simon McGlinn and Gavin Bell have teamed up with fragrance maker Air Aroma to create the scent of an Apple product, specifically the smell of unboxing a brand spanking new MacBook Pro.

Surely you’re familiar with the signature scent observed when unwrapping a newly purchased Apple product from its packaging.

In the case of the MacBook Pro, it’s a combination of the smell of the plastic wrap covering the box, printed ink on the cardboard, the smell of paper and plastic components within the box and of the aluminum computer which has come straight from the Chinese factory.

To replicate this olfactory sensation, the designers used the aroma of rubber, plastic, glue and paper, supplied by French fragrance wizards.

To replicate the smell a brand new unopened Apple was sent to our fragrance lab in France. From there, professional perfume makers used the scents they observed unboxing the new Apple computer to source fragrance samples. […] Air Aroma fragrance designers then used these samples as ingredients to create a range of signature blend fragrances. The blends, each with unique recipes were then tested in the Air Aroma laboratory until a final fragrance was ultimately selected. […] On completion the laptop was sent back to Australia, traveling nearly 50,000kms and returned to our clients together with scent of an Apple Macbook Pro.

Hold your horses, they are not going to manufacture this perfume for the masses. Instead, what they’re using it for is to delight and surprise the visitors of their upcoming art show exhibition in Melbourne, which runs between April 20 and May 12.

What a novel PR idea!

I’ve always enjoyed the meticulous attention to detail exhibited in Apple product packaging, not to mention the experience of unwrapping the product.

Heck, there’s a whole cottage industry of Apple unboxing videos on YouTube!

To me, the Apple unboxing scent is something that smells and oozes with elegance, stylishness, optimism and modernism.

Maybe I’m being just silly? Could those attributes actually be replicated with a fragrance of sorts?