Facebook Pages Manager gets messaging, check-in Insights, tweaked notifications

Facebook rolled out its Pages Manager app for the iPhone a little over a month ago. It initially came with a number of features to give folks the ability to post updates and photos on the go as your Facebook Page.

It also lets you get notifications on new activity, view Page Insights and respond, post and comment as your Page.

Today, the first official update has landed on the App Store, bringing with it a few noteworthy enhancements missing from the original release…

In addition to the obligatory bug fixes and performance updates, the new version lets your view and reply to your messages, which used to be a glaring omissions in the inaugural 1.0 release.

Another welcome addition: you can now fine-tune notifications about Pages activity. Page Insights now include check-ins and you can access answers to questions and guest lists for events created on your Pages.

Here, Facebook Pages Manager 1.1 release notes:

• View and reply to messages
• Adjust how often you receive notifications about Pages activity
• See answers to questions and guest lists for events created on your Pages
• Insights added for checkins
• Bug fixes and performance updates

Unfortunately, this version still doesn’t support the iPad natively, which is a shame as an app like this begs to be enjoyed on a bigger canvas.

Another gripe I have with the program: how about merging the Facebook client, the Messenger app (which also got updated today), the Camera app (currently at version 1.0.2) and Pages Manager into a single app?

Would you rather have these as separate downloads or merged into one mega-app?

You can download Facebook Pages Manager for your iPhone or iPod touch free of charge via the App Store.